Sophia Internet has been involved in IT literacy for many people since 1998. We have opened a classroom, developed textbooks, and conducted qualification tests to help people who are having difficulty dealing with the situation with the advent of computers and the Internet. We have been working with over 1,700 people for 30 years. Deriving from such literacy work, we began to undertake a lot of work such as PC repair, purchase support, homepage creation, remote training, system development, LAN construction, and smartphone education. We hope to continue to help create a rich IT environment for more people.

8 areas where Sophia Internet can help

TACSCS trainee application document creation Homepage creation IT text Smartphone support
Point mail Distance training Office IT support Short course

@The inmate training at Gifu Prison is now in its third year.
@A new store is operated by SS (SophiaStakeholder)
@Started gReiwa Mini Partyh. (Snack Romantic Kinomura)
@Completed TACCS (Bulk Trainee Application Document Creation System).


NPO corporation Takebayashi rescue team

Temari production studio "Negai"

Leo International

Outdoor Station

In January 1998, we opened a computer school in Gifu City. In the meantime, over 20 years, many people have acquired skills. Anyway, it was the month and day when we first walked only in customer satisfaction, but we found out various jobs derived from teaching how to use a computer, seeing the condition of the student's computer, and giving advice on purchasing. , I can help with many tasks such as helping students create websites for shops that they manage and developing systems for company operations.